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Edwardian Style Conservatories

The Edwardian is a flat-fronted style that offers excellent use of floor space due to the square or rectangular internal shape. Each side of the roof slopes back to the centre and the resulting contemporary style is suited to the majority of properties. The Edwardian style is available in the ‘Classic’ system for a more traditional look, or the ‘Uzone’ system for a property that suits a more contemporary style.

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Victorian Conservatories

The Victorian is the most popular style of conservatory, with a versatility that makes it suitable for many house styles. Its distinguishing architectural features such as a bay front give a curved shape and a steeply pitched roof and ornate ridge details give this style of conservatory a more classical appearance.

The Victorian style is available in:

  • three facet – a bay front that has three main windows that give a curved appearance, widely angled for maximum space.

  • five facet – a bay front with five main windows creating a more rounded appearance.

Gable End Conservatories

The gable-fronted style of conservatory adds a sense of grandeur to any home. With a high roof slope and the same floor space as an Edwardian, a gable offers excellent use of internal space. The front panel of the roof remains upright rather than sloping back to the centre as on the Edwardian, creating a feeling of great height within the conservatory.

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Lean-To Conservatories

The lean-to style is for those who prefer the clean understated lines of a Mediterranean sun-room. Traditional or contemporary, this style is ideal for properties with limited space under the eaves or an awkward area in which to fit a conservatory. The pitch of the roof is variable, so that a shallow pitch could fit under a low bungalow eaves, whilst a steeper pitch would match the roof of a terraced house.

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